How you can vote in the upcoming leadership election

There has been some confusion since the National Executive Committee (NEC) met to pass the motion of holding a leadership election last week. Much of this confusion centers around the directive passed to exclude anyone who has joined Labour since January the 12th this year.

If you have been a Labour Party member for less than 6th months (joined after the 12th of January 2016), click here to learn more and to join as a registered supporter (£25 charge applies). This option is only available until 5pm on Wednesday the 20th of July.

Who can vote in the leadership election?

Labour Party members

Any eligible Labour Party member who became a member on or before 12 January 2016 will be entitled to a vote.

Registered Supporters

The NEC has agreed that the one-off payment for Registered Supporters in this contest will be £25. Applications to be a Registered Supporter will open at 5pm on Monday 18 July and close at 5pm on Wednesday 20 July.

Affiliated supporters

Members of affiliated trade unions, socialist societies and other affiliated organisations who individually sign up as an affiliated supporter to the Labour Party. They must have been a member of that organisation on or before the 12 January 2016.

Affiliated supporters already on the Party’s membership system will be eligible to vote, subject to affiliates reconfirming their eligibility and that:

  • They remain a member of the trade union or socialist society (and pay the political levy where appropriate).
  • They remain on the electoral register at the address provided.
  • In all other respects must meet the qualification criteria of membership of the Labour Party.
  • New affiliate supporters may be recruited from membership of affiliated organisations and socialist societies (as at freeze date) by 8th August 2016

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