Corbyn set to lose Labour its status as official opposition

By Dave Bodimeade.

Many Labour members may think Parliament doesn’t matter but, under Corbyn, Labour has ceased to be a functioning opposition party. No amount of new members can make up for the lack of people on Corbyn’s front bench. Around half, yes half, of 100 front bench posts remain unfilled. These aren’t non jobs like Shadow Minister for Paper Clips. Instead they relate to many of the crucial issues that the party holds dear – Europe, Children, Schools, Pensions, Older People, Mental Health, Disabled People, Climate Change, Women & Equalities. On all these issues Labour lacks a shadow minister to hold the Tories to account. So the Tories can do and say what they like because no Labour shadow can respond to them. Other shadow ministers try to cover the vacancies but are continually stretched in every direction. For example, Paul Flynn has been elevated to the front bench at age of 81 and, for his pains, is shadowing both the Leader of the House and the Secretary of State for Wales. It’s rumored that, should another reshuffle be needed, Beryl, the Labour Party tea lady and Tiddles, the Labour Party cat, are in line for new and interesting roles. Continue reading

We nominate Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest

Tonight, following a great turnout to our nomination meeting, Rayleigh and Wickford CLP voted to nominate Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming leadership contest.

Thank you to all the members who attended and a heartfelt welcome to the many new members who came along to their first CLP meeting!


The results were:

  • Jeremy Corbyn – 33
  • Owen Smith – 2

Ex Corbyn supports embarrassed they voted for him

By Dave Bodimeade.

I am losing count of the number of Labour members who have deserted Corbyn, having voted from him last year. Aubrey Allegretti of The Huffington Post interviewed four members who’ve come to their senses. One even says ‘I’m ashamed I played my part in electing someone who may well be the man to destroy the Labour Party.’ Here are Aubrey’s revealing interviews from 23 July 2016. Continue reading