How the obsession with ideological purity is destroying Labour

By Dave Bodimeade.

Sometimes words just fail me.

This from Emily Jones (@EmilyJonesVIII) on Twitter on 28 July.

This evening the Brent Central CLP voted to support Jeremy Corbyn over Owen Smith 69-24. During and after the debate it was clear that the Corbyn supporters care very little about winning elections and making laws to improve the lives of millions of people, but care a lot about ideological purity and they truly *hate* Labour MPs and Westminster. One man, when I asked if – to maintain a ‘pure’ party – he would willingly sacrifice future elections, and allow the continuing privatisation of schools, universities, the NHS etc, he said he was quite happy to make these sacrifices. I am so sad and frustrated that, however large the Labour membership may be, so many Labour supporters cannot see the value in being able to implement positive change through parliament and through legislation.

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Dave Bodimeade, former Chair and Secretary, Rayleigh and Wickford CLP – you can email David at and follow him on Twitter: @davesuncat

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