We nominate Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest

Tonight, following a great turnout to our nomination meeting, Rayleigh and Wickford CLP voted to nominate Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming leadership contest.

Thank you to all the members who attended and a heartfelt welcome to the many new members who came along to their first CLP meeting!


The results were:

  • Jeremy Corbyn – 33
  • Owen Smith – 2

2 thoughts on “We nominate Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest

  1. Peter Goble says:

    I very much regret not being present at such a momentous event, and I must congratulate the branch officers and all those who worked so hard to build up the momentum that got members to the vote, and gave Jeremy such solid backing.

    Well done everyone. The issue now must be, how can we encourage those MPs and others, whose courage failed them and who were persuaded or pressured into turning against Jeremy, to think again and return to stand alongside him, and give him full support. After all, the “Good Book” tells us to rejoice over those who repent, and welcome them back into the fold, without reproach or bile. Just a comradely metaphor, folks.

    By the way, can somebody offer a simple no-jargon definition of a Trotskyite? Preferably a two-line tweet with no more than 140 characters including spaces and punctuation marks? I’d like to be able to recognise one at 100 meteres. Here’s a suggestion on definitions. What would you call a medium size dog with floppy ears, long hair, a mournful expression, and an intelligent, friendly disposition? The answer isn’t Fido, by the way!

    • Neil Martin says:

      Same here, Peter. This is so encouraging and I really hope that this new enthusiasm will blossom into some fantastic work within the CLP in the coming months and years!

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