Sharing the message to care for the NHS in Rayleigh

Members of Rayleigh and Wickford CLP were out in force today in Rayleigh High Street, joining in with the nation-wide campaign to #CarefortheNHS. It was cold but we had lots of fun talking to people and distributing leaflets!


Thanks to our Vice Chair, Sam Reed’s hard work in organising a successful afternoon of leafleting, meeting and greeting people and raising awareness of the current plight that the NHS is in, especially in this part of Essex.


The reception we received from people was encouraging, with lots offering support and empathy to the current situation. However, there were many worrying opinions from the public we spoke to pointing the finger at immigration being the root cause of these issues. This is disheartening and there’s little supporting evidence for it, aside from the mainstream media’s anecdotal stories which fuel division and hate between us. We’ll be working hard to inform and bring truth to the debate in as many ways as we can.


Click here to read an interesting document from the NHS about how it plans to “streamline” and “transform” services in the region. It carefully avoids directly mentioning closures of departments, but read between the lines and the budgetary constraints the NHS is facing under the current Tory government. Its focus on bringing more healthcare to the home, sharing of functions and a reference for “one centre for specialised emergency care” make for some sobering reading.



One thought on “Sharing the message to care for the NHS in Rayleigh

  1. David Flack says:

    Fantastic effort well done everyone,sorryI could not be there to help as we have been away in The Gambia
    Where many people are hoping to elect a new president next week!

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