Meet your candidates! Essex County Council Elections – 4th of May

May the 4th be with us!

The Essex County Council elections take place on the 4th of May. Click here and enter your post code to find out which electoral division you’re in and who’s standing. We’re delighted to present your Labour team who’ll be standing up for you!


Get in touch with Roger at

The important County Council issues are housing, education and roads. The housing situation is a catastrophe for our young and needs to be addressed with large scale affordable options for them with the aim of bringing down the costs of buying and renting.

Traffic is chaotic in Rayleigh; investment is required. Continued quality education also requires investment. We in Labour will fight for these; please ensure an alternative voice is heard and the Conservatives are held to account.

I have lived in Rayleigh for 35 years and worked locally and in London.


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I strongly oppose the school budget cuts, police cuts and fire service cuts Rayleigh has seen under the Conservatives. I be pushing for local NHS and social care funding and opposing the Southend A&E downgrade.

I am a passionate supporter of a public NHS and I’ve recently been assisting the Save Southend A&E campaign group. I am standing to give a voice to those in Rayleigh South affected by these issues. I work at a local authority and have lived in Rayleigh since 2009.


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Born in Rochford in the early 1970’s, Mark has grown up and lived in the surrounding area his entire life. His career as a train driver spans over 25 years and he also serves as a Trustee, East of England Secretary for the ASLEF union.

Sitting on the National Committee for the Labour Representation Committee (LRC), Mark brings into politics a passion for giving a voice to the people in his community.


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David has lived in Hullbridge for over 40 years and was for many years a councillor in the Parish, Rochford District Council and Essex County Council. In these roles, he secured a number of key local improvement projects, including flood and erosion prevention works, the creation of Kendall Park and the neighbouring bus terminus.

A retired headteacher, psychologist and physicist, David brings his years of experience to the CLP in continuing his efforts to strive for changes across the constituency that will benefit all.


Get in touch with Peter at

I can’t abide unfairness. That’s why I put my money where my mouth is and joined The Labour Party four years ago. Austerity is now a political choice. There’s money for 5% tax cuts to the rich, but budget cuts in our local schools, hospitals, social care, Police.

This has to stop, and new choices made : to educate the young, provide health care according to need not wealth, and restore dignity to the defenceless. I was brought up in Wickford and went to Crays Hill School. We have lived and raised our family here since 1983.


Get in touch with Louize at

Louize joined the Labour party last year to contribute to her local community and to confront the current government’s austerity policies which are inflicting unreasonably high levels of hardship on the most vulnerable in our society. Particularly in housing, education, unemployment, health, and care of the elderly.

Having lived in Wickford for almost 20 years, is currently a full time Mother and Grandmother. Her youngest child attends a local secondary school and the grandchildren attend a local Rayleigh Primary school.

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