Rayleigh & Wickford, thank you!

Last night, the people spoke. Labour achieved its biggest swing in vote share across the country since 1945. Labour was not wiped out; we grew stronger in almost every seat! Jeremy Corbyn led the Labour Party to achieve a monumental feat. The Conservatives have lost their majority in Parliament and the position of whatever government we now have looks deeply uncertain as we head towards crucial Brexit talks; the most crucial thing to happen to us in recent history.

At home in Rayleigh & Wickford, we achieved great things

  • The number of votes we received doubled to over 13,000.
  • Our vote share grew from 12.6% to 24.3%
  • We achieved the best result for Labour ever in this constituency, and before that in the old Rayleigh constituency, since 2001.

To the people of Rayleigh & Wickford: We are here. We are your opposition. We are with you. We are Labour! From Mark and the team, thank you for standing with us, from the bottom of our hearts.

One thought on “Rayleigh & Wickford, thank you!

  1. David Flack says:

    I think this now ‘puts the writing on the wall’ for the Tory administration on the District Council next year!

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