Without Corbyn, we will return to a nation of non-voters

By Damien Biggs.

“No I don’t vote, what’s the point? They all sound the same to me”. For years this has been the faithful tune sung by the majority of our working class. Its tune continues to be played out loudest amongst the younger generations, those of us born in the 90’s who have never seen genuine political sides and ideology. But are we then a nation of non-political pacifists? Am I just another member of the TV popularity contest generation, where more people seem to care who wins BB or X Factor than who governs our country? Before the EU referendum many would have argued that this was true, that this country has fallen from the dizzying heights of political ideological debate and landed upon the floor, nursing our sore heads and simply leaving it all up to ‘those suited lot’. Continue reading

Nailing the lie that the last Labour Government was ‘Tory Lite’

By Dave Bodimeade.

If Jeremy Corbyn is the answer then many baffled New Labourites are still wondering what the question is. But, if you start from the premise that the last Labour government delivered little for working people (as many on the Left do), then Corbyn could be the answer. A real Labour leader with a real alternative to the Tories? But the premise is wrong and Corbyn isn’t the answer. The last Labour government delivered huge gains, which nail the lie that it was simply ‘Tory Lite’.

Continue reading

At a crossroads, a personal perspective

By David Flack.

Back in the 1960’s I was electrified by the words of Harold Wilson and joined the Labour Party.

Among his many utterances, one quote stands out for me above all others “Labour is a moral crusade, or it is nothing.” These words are very relevant to the current situation the party finds itself in. I can only describe the present chaotic state of the party from my own perspective, others may differ. Continue reading